Lifetime Cycles 2


In the first part of this series, I left you on a quest of self discovery. Truthfully answering the questions, who am I and what is my adventure, is the beginning of pursuing a purposeful life. By identifying your strengths you are able to steadfastly apply them to everyday living. You can keep careful watch of your weaknesses so you control them and not let them control you. We are also able to choose people to be part of our lives who compliment us. In life, we are who we are because of many influences, but most of all who we are is a choice that we make, on a daily basis. The habits and rituals that you carry out make up the sum person, you. So from today, know that every act of you becomes you. In the same way that if you have a purpose you will focus your everyday actions towards your purpose; same applies if you do not have a purpose; whatever it is you are focusing on becomes you. Everything you do is the path you are following; I say better to choose than to go with the flow.

Knowing your passions also gives clarity and direction towards a vision – this is your adventure. What are you good at? What do you love? Identifying these will help you set life goals, giving you a better understanding of what path to follow in life. And once you have decided this, you will tailor your everyday habits and rituals towards living this adventure, purposefully. This goes for all life goals be it career, choice of a life partner, business venture, your family, in your worship.

Having made a choice, everything should fall in place right? Unfortunately, life does not work like that because you are not entirely in control of everything. This is why I call it the Learning Stage. There will be seasons while you pursue your adventure – summer will come and provide a climate in which you will flourish; when the fall season comes there will be uncertainty about where things are going and with many changes taking place, you may feel uncomfortable. You could find yourself in the middle of winter – created not by the difficulties of life but by the manner in which you respond to those difficulties. In spring, you will have an optimistic attitude. You may experience one or all seasons in this life cycle. Having a purpose does not mean it’s easy; in fact it might be harder than going with the flow. What matters during these periods is how well you adjust your dream and deal with challenges or opportunities. Adventures can change and only by trying can you find yourself. This is all part of the Learning Stage. This week I suggest you think more about your vision and the path you follow; what do you want to achieve? How do you want people to view you? Are your everyday acts reflective of this? Is your personal behavior intentional? Do this and “And give no opportunity to the devil” Ephesians 4:27. I challenge you to make yourself accountable. Next week we discuss the Yearning Stage.

~ Dr. Shingi Munyeza