Dr. Shingi Albert Munyeza (born in 1966) is a Zimbabwean businessman who in 2008 became the Chief Executive Officer of African Sun Limited (ASL) a hospitality company in sub-Saharan Africa and Africa in general. Munyeza is also a devout Christian and a senior pastor at Faith Ministries in Harare. Munyeza has received several awards including the prestigious Zimbabwe Tourism Personality of the Year for three consecutive years. He is married to Wilma.

Munyeza came to Salisbury (present day Harare) in 1970 in search of a safe haven as a result of the Second Chimurenga (liberation struggle which began in 1965 which brought forth the independence of Zimbabwe). He resided in Magaba, in Mbare which is the oldest suburb in the country. His father owned a grocery store and Munyeza was inspired by his father whom he emulated though he grew up desiring to be a bus driver.